websites for communities

Modular. Integrated. Custom.

Features designed to work together and with your procedures and policies

Private and Secure

password protected intranet for the community, all data transferred to and from the site is encrypted

Social News Feed

for members to post, comment, and post notices, photos, recipes, discussions, etc.

Community Members

easily find names, households, phone numbers and email addresses of everyone in the community


calendars for the community, teams and committees, common meals, guest rooms and private calendars for households

Reminders and Sign ups

send email reminders for events and allow people to register for events

Common Meals

sign up to work and/or eat at meals, keep track of meals worked, integrated with accounting system


pages for teams and committees and their jobs, rosters, documents, minutes, email archives, etc.

Email Lists

email lists for whole community, common meal announcements, events, teams/committees, carpooling groups, whatever


searchable archives for meeting minutes, community decisions, values and policies


gallery for uploaded photos, viewable by who posted or by any subject tags


create surveys with several different types of questions


accounting system for HOA dues, team expenses, common meals, guest room usage, annual budgeting, etc.


shared lists (e.g. lost and found, recommendations, recipes, movies to share)

Online Discussions

discuss anything with full commenting and a record of what's been said

Household Pages

private pages for contacts, notes, recipes, todo list, accounting history, common meal history

Public Site

optionally we can also host a public site for your community


Users can choose how the site looks for them from twenty themes. Click the images to see examples.


try it out and learn more about a new site for your community

Mosaic is free. We'll host your site for free or you can download the code and host it yourself.


A live demo of Mosaic is here.


We'll happily host a site for your community for free. It can be at (e.g. or you can use your own domain (e.g. More info

Source Code

Check it out at GitLab.

Questions Answered

Please let us know if you'd like to know more about a site for your community at